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About Us

Meet the owner/operator of Sewcery Inc:


Hello! My name is Crystal Atia. I have had a passion for sewing since I was a small child. I taught myself how to use a sewing machine in 1989 (when I was 9 years old), and I would sew outfits for my dolls using scraps of fabric from my old clothes. When I was a teen, I would alter my clothes and sew my own simple designs. I love the creative release sewing provides, and I absolutely love being able to say "I made it" when someone asks where I purchased what I'm wearing, or what my children are wearing.

My love for sewing lead me to making cloth diapers while I was pregnant with my third child in 2010, which in turn introduced me to fabric co-ops and Babycenter sewing groups. I soon started hosting my own co-ops, and not long after I was ordering custom printed fabric to have laminated for diaper PUL. This all lead me to designing and commissioning art to create custom printed apparel fabrics.

I have been drafting my own sewing patterns since 1993. Paper and pen have always been my method of choice for drafting patterns. I have a large collection of paper patterns drafted over the years. In 2013 I learned how to digitize patterns, and Baby Got Back CD Pants was the first sewing pattern to be published for sale. I thoroughly enjoy the design process, and I love seeing garments made by others using my patterns.

The fabric is cut, packaged and shipped by myself and my partner, Oren. We use an industrial cutting table and end cutter to ensure accurate measurements and clean cuts.

We are based out of Los Gatos, CA, USA.

Here is a photo of our cutting table and end cutter. This photo was taken before we installed roll racks for all of the rolls we have on hand. The number has grown quite a bit since then.


Here is a photo of our roll racks:


Since Oren and I work on orders alone, sometimes our shipping can take a bit longer than big box stores, but we always try our best to maintain a 5-7 business day processing. The only time you will experience a delay is when we are processing a pre-order round. We process retail orders Monday-Thursday, reserving the weekends for our four children.

Shopping with us means you are not only supporting a small business, you are also helping support a family business.

Please join my Facebook groups for updates on presale rounds, pattern support, and special promotions only offered through the groups.

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Thank you all for your continued support!