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Sewcery Inc custom print fabrics, Lux solids collection, and PUL, all meet CPSC safety requirements.

  • Sewcery Inc digitally printed & screen printed cotton/spandex fabric are printed with fiber reactive dye and are Oeko-Tex certified lead free
  • Sewcery Inc cotton/spandex french terry is Oeko-Tex certified lead free and meets flammability requirements as a Class I textile.
  • Sewcery Inc PUL is free of the following: lead, heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, PVC, diisocynates, chlorine, migrateable plasticizers, and latex. Our PUL is laminated with medical grade laminate, the safest laminate for skin contact. Our PUL meets flammability requirements as a Class I textile.

Flammability tests:

16 CFR 1610.1

Exempt under Section D:

(d) Specific exemptions. Experience gained from years of testing in accordance with the Standard demonstrates that certain fabrics consistently yield acceptable results when tested in accordance with the Standard. Therefore, persons and firms issuing an initial guaranty of any of the following types of fabrics, or of products made entirely from one or more of these fabrics, are exempt from any requirement for testing to support guaranties of those fabrics:

(1) Plain surface fabrics, regardless of fiber content, weighing 2.6 ounces per square yard or more; and

(2) All fabrics, both plain surface and raised-fiber surface textiles, regardless of weight, made entirely from any of the following fibers or entirely from combination of the following fibers: acrylic, modacrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester, wool.

Lead tests:

16 CFR 1500.91

Exempt under Section D:

(d) The following materials do not exceed the lead content limits under section 101(a) of the CPSIA provided that these materials have neither been treated or adulterated with the addition of materials that could result in the addition of lead into the product or materials:

(7) Textiles (excluding after-treatment applications, including screen prints, transfers, decals, or other prints) consisting of:

(i) Natural fibers (dyed or undyed) including, but not limited to, cotton, kapok, flax, linen, jute, ramie, hemp, kenaf, bamboo, coir, sisal, silk, wool (sheep), alpaca, llama, goat (mohair, cashmere), rabbit (angora), camel, horse, yak, vicuna, qiviut, guanaco;

(ii) Manufactured fibers (dyed or undyed) including, but not limited to, rayon, azlon, lyocell, acetate, triacetate, rubber, polyester, olefin, nylon, acrylic, modacryclic, aramid, spandex

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