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Terms of Sale

There may be flaws along the edge of the selvage. We choose to leave the selvage on so that you can maximize your width for those areas that do not include flaws. 

Designs may be screen or digitally printed depending on the characteristics of each design. 

By nature of the process, printed fabric may have some flecks or white dots. We will not issue refunds or discounts for this. I try my best to catch any flaws while I am cutting, but some are very small and minor. Minor flecks in the printing are not considered flaws, I will not refund for this. It is very unlikely that you will be sent fabric with any flaws outside the norm, but I am human and may miss one from time to time. If you feel you have received something flawed, please send me a message and we will get it sorted out.

If you have any issues with an order once it is received, please email us at sewceryinc@gmail.com 

PayPal Timeline & Terms

PayPal has increased their claim window to 180 days. Custom prints typically take 6-8 weeks before I have them in hand, but can sometimes take up to 12 weeks under extenuating circumstances. Once the fabric has been delivered to me, it can take up to two weeks for me to cut, package, and ship all orders. If the package is shipping internationally, please take transit times into consideration.  If you are uncomfortable with the wait, please refrain from ordering during the pre-order period.